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Snow Removal & Ice Management in Louisville, KY

We are committed to service during each and every winter event. By continuing to build partnerships with our clients within our community we are committed to becoming the best snow removal and ice management contractor in east Louisville. We understand the risk and lost revenue when your business can not function due to a winter storm. The Fransen Group can take the guessing out of snow removal and provide you with a plan of action based on your properties specific needs and budget.

Safe & Cutting Edge Equipment

Using proper snow equipment and products is critical to the success of eliminating the winter event risk. Thanks to our fleet of snow removal equipment, we are able to assign the most appropriate equipment for the property to gain the most desirable results. When you become a Fransen Group partner we survey your site to develop a Plan of Action that details the safest and most effective equipment and strategy for your property. So when the snow and ice hit we are able to execute our customized plan for your property without delay.

Snow & Ice Management Service

  • Event Planning – Budgeting and Plan Of Action
  • Liquid Pre-treatment for anti-icing
  • Liquid De-icing with Ice B’gone Hot Brine
  • Salting – Treated and untreated salt
  • Snow Plowing – Large Lot Clearing and Municipal Clearing
  • City & Neighborhood Roads, Parking Lots, Sidewalks, etc

Professional Products and Methods

Anti-Icing with Liquid products/Prior to Event

Liquid pre-treatment applied by brine truck. We use this product because it’s non-toxic, bio-degradable and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.


  • Eliminate Black Ice
  • Keep snow and ice from bonding to paved surfaces
  • Melt Ice faster
  • Work longer than other products

De-Icing/During or After Event

IBG Magic Salt is a highly effective ice melting granular product that quickly acts to hard pack, bonded ice, and snow quickly eliminating it from paved surfaces. Even though rock salt eventually dissolves in the melting process, the IBG Magic Salt remains on the pavement surface and will prevent black ice from forming. IBG Magic Salt is safe to use on concrete, is non-corrosive, does not harm curbside grassed areas or plants and continues to melt ice in below zero temperatures.


  • Eliminate Black Ice
  • Keep snow and ice from bonding to paved surfaces
  • Melt Ice faster
  • Work longer than other products

Other benefits include:

  • Pet Friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less corrosive than distilled water
  • DEC approved
  • Safe for concrete structures
  • Neutralizes rust

Designed for the Environment:

The maker of Magic Minus Zero (Sears Ecological Applications Company) has earned the “Designed for the Environment” recognition from the EPA.

They are the only roadway deicer in the USA to be granted this designation.

Calcium Chloride is used as another alternative on all sidewalks and concrete surfaces for proper control of snow and ice.

If you are looking for snow removal services for your Louisville, KY business call The Fransen Group today for a free quote.

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